“I bought a lovely mare a couple of years ago; the mare is still a real pleasure to work with!”

Roelinda van Gulik, dressage rider and trainer

“Last year, I bought Aretta VDL from Alexandra van der Lelij. I had been looking for a good competition horse for a quite while. Because of Alexandra I was finally able to become a very happy owner of this Krack C mare Third Level. We’re almost ready to compete Second Level and started at Green Horses. However, because of my injury (I broke my ancle) I hadn’t been able to ride for 12 weeks. Luckily, after my injury had healed, all it took was to mount my horse and take off. Moreover, Alexandra is ever so sweet. My horse makes me extremely happy. I can definitely recommend buying a horse through Alexandra”

Claudia Petrova, dressage rider

“Superb collaboration and guranteed great, good quality horses”

Saskia van Es, Grand Prix rider and trainer

“I have known Alexandra for over 15 years now and ever since we became friends she’s had a passion for horses and pursued the equestrian sport. She’s knowledgable: she knows how to judge a horse: not only its movements, but also its traits and ways. To me Alexandra is a business woman with a real drive and keen eye for horses and their owners/clients”

Charlotte Dijksman, dressage rider

“I bought a lovely, young horse from Alexandra through a broker 2 years ago. Now, we are ready to compete Third Level. Should I be looking to buy another horse, I will definitely contact Alexandra”

Nienke Hesseling, dressage rider

“Alexandra has helped me on numerous occasions in the equestrian sport. Through Alexandra I have grown at both a personal level as well as in dressage. Alexandra is willing to help anyone and everyone. Her help extends from looking for your “dream horse” to learning the ropes within equestrian sport. For example, Alexandra and I have judged together, but we’ve also gone to a foal auction and seen competitions. Moreover, Alexandra is sociable and she is always willing to help, if needed. I think Alexandra is THE BEST”

Chelsea Boersma, dressage rider

“I’ve got a good collaboration going with Alexandra for over a couple of years now. Alexandra has eye for decent, young dressage horses with talent”

Gea Jelsma, breeder

“It’s a pleasure to work with Alexandra. She organized everything, to even the smallest detail, even the stable at Quarantine in New York. Everything was taken care of. Both mares I bought from her were a delight to work with! One mare is now at Fourth Level, and the other at Prix Saint Georges Level in Canada. They both exceeded because of their characteristics! Thanks so much Alexandra, I hope to do be doing business again soon!”

Eliane Cordia-van Reesema, Grand Prix rider and trainer