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Alique Dressage is a young and fast growing horse sales company, driven purely by passion and with the goal of linking riders to well brought up, healthy and talented Dutch and German bred dressage horses.

The horses are located in the north (Burdaard and Opende), in the middle (Kootwijkerbroek and Dwingeloo) and the south (Banholt) part of the Netherlands. We believe our horses deserve the best management to keep them healthy and happy. For this reason, all horses are turned out for 3 to 24 hours per day and have visual, auditory and most of time olfactory contact with other horses. We keep our yearling and two-year-old horses together in large barn areas during the winter, and during the summer the horses are stay out in wide-open fields. When the horses move into the training barns to be broken, they have access to everything they need to develop their full potential. The horses are ridden by professional dressage riders who keep a critical eye on wellbeing of the horses.

We believe in a personal touch, a clear story and involvement. For this reason, our approach to selling horses has always been as open and honest as possible.


Offering high performance dressage horses
From all the horses we have sold, a minimum percentage of 70% successfully competes at Fourth Level or at a higher level at the time of exchange or even after with the new rider.

Advising about the perfect match
We try to provide the perfect fit between horse and rider. If we doubt about the match, we will be open and honest. We work very closely with some of the best names in the world. These collaborations give us wide access to great horses at all different levels.

Raising funds for charity
From the price of each sold horse, an amount of 25 euros goes to charity. The DVB Foundation offers therapeutic horse riding for handicapped people.

Arranging the vetting
All the horses which are for sale are healthy and extensively inspected by a reputable veterinarian. If desired, we have a large network of veterinarians in the Netherlands, so we can assist you with the whole process. After the vetting we always explain how the vetting went. All x-rays can always be send to your own vet, if required.

Arranging the transport
We can arrange the transport with various transport companies throughout the world. If necessary, we can also take care of the horses during the transport all over the world.

Picking up at the airport
We can pick you up at any Dutch airport by car.

Arranging training programs
The professional Grand Prix riders of the horses offer various training programs based on all-inclusive. These programs will help you to perform better and to learn faster.

Organizing accommodation
We can organize all the accommodation for you during your stay.

Horsify – Alexandra van de Lelij


The passion for horses has always been with Alexandra van der Lelij. Since she was 17 years old, she sold the first horse and since she was a student, the job and passion for being a matchmaker continued and she sold horses all over the world. She rode international dressage and jumping competitions and combined these trips with visits to the horses and their new owners. Besides her study Child and Adolescent Studies, she completed the KNHS jumping and dressage judge course to develop her knowledge wider into the sport. Beside the passion for sport, the dream arose to breed horses. The name of the company, Alique Dressage, is based on the combination of Alexandra and hippique.


We can help you find your dream horse. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, Alique Dressage offers a “full service” buying experience that should help make the purchase of your new horse easy and enjoyable. The ultimate goal of our job is seeing the horses develop and grow with their new owner and following their progress over the years.